Lomi Lomi

The hawaian wellness massage benefits  (lomi lomi) with ICAÏMA, at Félines, in Haute-Loire

Helps you to let go,

Provides revival of body and mind,

Regenerates your natural body resources.

You rediscover a new sense of life.

ICAIMA Massage Bien-être Lomi Lomi Hawaien

The origins

This massage was practiced by hawaian shaman (Kahuna) during the initiation ceremony for the new Kahunas.

This ‘oily’ massage relaxes muscles tensions and helps you to empty your mind.

It is inspired by the sea and the waves.

It  rocks your body and provides a ‘revival’ feeling.

                                                                           It is perfect for a ‘new life’.

Suggested duration  : 1h (65€) or 1h30 (90€)
Another budget ? Feel free to contact me, I’ll propose a duration according to your budget