The Abyangha wellness massage benefits (Ayurvédique Abyangha) with ICAÏMA at Félines, in Haute-Loire

Reduces nervous tension,

Increases flexibility in joints,

Promotes your body harmonisation.


Your body retrieves its flexibility.

ICAIMA Massage bien-être ayurvedique Abyangha

The origins

The ayurveda massage is an indian method.

From the sanskrit word ‘Ayurveda’ (“the life science”), it inherits from traditional indian medicin.

It is practiced with a warm oil, and makes you feel completely protected. It promotes the relaxation.

It stimulates your body, helping the energies traffic.

                                                             The joints are warmed and relaxed with this enveloping massage.

                                                               It is recommended to reboost your body before physical exercise.

Suggested duration  : 1h (65€) or 1h30 (90€)
Another budget ? Feel free to contact me, I’ll propose a duration according to your budget