The balinese wellness massage benefits with ICAÏMA at Félines, in Haute-Loire

Soothes body and mind,

Renews the energies,

Dynamises your body. You’re ready to go back to your activities.

You retrieve your energy and spirit.

ICAIMA massages bien-être Bali
ICAIMA wellness balinese massage

The origins

The balinese massage is the result of different asian cultures influence :  chinese, indian, indonesian, ayurveda et balinese experience.

It is usually practiced in all families and villages. As many existing families, as many  massage technics are  practiced in Bali.

The massage starts with a feet hot bath. It broadcasts a wellness wave in the whole body.

The following step is a whole body massage, using acupressure and oil massage technics. It is practiced respecting the energies direction, to gather those and re-dispatch them.

                              The end of the massage redynamizes the back.

                               Reload your energies to go back to your activities.

Suggested duration  : 1h (65€) or 1h30 (90€)

Another budget ? Feel free to contact me, I’ll propose a duration according to your budget