COVID – 19 gb

Hello everyone,
Icaïma is happy to announce the reopening of the salon on the 25th of May 2020, if all the conditions and authorizations allow it.
I re-organize it to welcome you in optimal security conditions, allowing you to fully appreciate this privileged moment of relaxation.

In addition to the rules of hygiene usually practiced on your side, mine and in the salon, here are the additional arrangements:

Some additional instructions on your side:
Wearing a mandatory mask.
Check your temperature before coming.
Hand washing

If you don’t have any mask, I can provide one, 1€ each.

Additional instructions from my side:
I wear a mask and glasses.

Hygiene measures in the salon for each massage:
Protection of the massage table and the headrest by a disposable plastic film (it is not ecological but it is more careful)
Disinfection of door knobs, etc …

In addition, I chose not to increase the prices of the services.
But in order to help me cope with the costs associated with these new measures, the service ‘participation in disinfection costs’ worth € 2 will only be effective during the period of the pandemic.

thanks for your understanding

See you soon

‘Well-being’ yours.