The Thai Massage wellness benefits (‘Nuad Bo Ran’ or thai) with ICAÏMA, at Félines, in Haute-Loire

Helps to reinvigorate awareness of your body and brings back its flexibility,

Balances  energies,

Harmonises body and mind.

The ‘lazy people’s yoga’ helps you to re-discover your bodily sensations.

ICAIMA massages bien-être Thai
ICAIMA Thai wellness massages

The origins

This massage (called for a long time ‘lazy people’s yoga’) is inspired from traditional thai medicine.

It uses acupressure technics, relaxing the muscles. Then, those are stretched to give them back their flexibility.

The harmonisation is done through energy channels work (sen).

This massage practicing is a subtle balance between the practioner and receiver bodies.

This ‘touch’ art is a ‘dry’ massage, practiced on a traditional and comfortable thai futon. You are dressed with soft and comfortable clothing.

Duration to be chosen : 1h or 1h30

Other durations : feel free to contact me.